Reverse Dutch Weave

Wire Cloth of reverse Dutch weave achieves high flow rates thanks to its high levels of porosity. The reversed Dutch construction is comparable with a Dutch weave but is suitable for very high mechanical loads due to the more equal material section in both directions of the wires.

Applications of Reverse Woven Wire Cloth: Filter candles, vacuum filters and spring filters.

Materials: Stainless steel woven wire cloth are available primarily to DIN 1.4301 / AISI 304 and DIN 1.4401 /AISI 316 are available on request.

Mesh/Wire Diameter:
152mesh x 24mesh per inch x 0.3mm wire diameter x 0.4mm wire diameter
260mesh x 40mesh per inch x 0.16mm wire diameter x 0.22 wire diameter
132mesh x 14mesh per inch

Widths can be 1020mm (40"), 1220mm (48"). Standard roll length is 30.5m (100 ft).

Mesh per Inch (25.4mm)
Warp x Weft

Wire Diameter (mm)
Warp x Weft

Density of Warp Number/dm

Fineness of Filtering
48 X 10 0.5 X 0.5 189 300 3.63
290 X 76 0.09 X 0.19 1142 40 1.27
400 X 120 0.058 X 0.1 1575 30 0.64
625 X 104 0.04 X 0.15 2461 28 0.84
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